Songs to play on your ukulele

A small selection from our current playlist of around 100 songs

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Amazing GraceCDr Uke*
Camptown RacesCDr Uke*
Down By the RiversideCDr Uke*
Bad Moon Rising (CCR Revival)Cozbcoz Jim’s Ukulele Songbook**
Island in the SunCDr Uke**
The Wild RoverDDr Uke**
Singing The BluesCDr Uke***
Sloop John BFDr Uke***
Waltzing MatildaCozbcoz Jim’s Ukulele Songbook***

Dr Uke First and foremost are the songs, which have lyrics and ukulele chord diagrams of songs for both beginners and intermediates. Tuning is the standard GCEA. In case some songs are not familiar, there are recorded simple melodies for learning many of them and playing along.

Jim's songbook (ozbcoz) These are the songs from Jim's Songbook. These are updated before they come out in the new edition of songbook - so the latest versions will be on this page. There are currently over 3500 songs to choose from.

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