World of Glass

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27th March 2024
Charabanc Outings
Trish Hampson
Note that booking is required.

Below are details of our March charabanc outing which one of our members told me how much she enjoyed going and plans to come again on the charabanc outing.  It is a popular outing for other u3as too who praised the wonderful day out. 

So do read it and come.  The day includes a choice of sandwiches at lunch time with a drink and a welcome drink included on arrival.


March Charabanc Outing

Large brick cone=shaped building with the modern World of Glass museum to one side

March is a funny month for outings, it is still rather nippy out though the sun can shine, gardens have hardly woken up, large houses to visit remain closed yet everyone wants a change so

Let’s do something different!

We are off to

The World of Glass, St Helens

Wednesday 27th March

St Helens, a small unremarkable village until Victorian times, has, today, become a world leader in glass making which we learn about in our guided tour through the recently rejuvenated museum. It is an amazing museum with so much to see and hear about including learning the history of the origins of glass over 3000 years from ancient Egypt to beautiful contemporary pieces of today.

We will watch an incredible traditional display of glass blowing, in the huge hot glass studio with chance to ask the glass blowers questions.

We walk along the glass bridge to the Tank house built in 1887 where William Windle Pilkington perfected continuous glass making and discover the secrets of the tunnels and their amazing story.In the galleries we can discover what life was like in Victorian St Helens and how the workers lived.

Visit the Holford Collection, an exhibition of beautiful contemporary glass. There are in total five galleries with excellent exhibitions.

It has a shop and a café which is beside the Sankey canal and has outdoor and indoor seating.

We will be, on arrival, greeted with an included tea or coffee.

For lunch, included in the price, a choice of sandwiches with a tea/coffee.

Cost £29

Pick ups Chapel, Doveholes and Buxton

This includes the coach, driver’s tip, entry to the museum, guided tour, glass blowing demonstration, welcome tea/coffee and a lunch of sandwiches and tea/coffee.

This outing is highly recommended by one of our members and other u3a.