Art - Brushstrokes

Status: Active, open to new members
Group Leader:
When: Weekly on Wednesday mornings
10am to noon - except Easter, Christmas and Summer school holidays.
Venue: Buxton Fire Station
A poster of artwork showing that the Brushstrokes group look at, learn about, talk about, make and enjoy Art. They welcome new members

This is the Brushstrokes flyer / poster. It outlines briefly what Brushstrokes is all about. Members at November 2023 each made a letter for the word BRUSHSTROKES

Brushstrokes is a supportive, friendly art group currently with spaces and a warm welcome awaiting new members.

Parking is readily available at the venue and it is ideally suited to u3a art, being easy-access, light, well equipped and comfortable.

We enjoy sharing our learning around art themes and topics, which are introduced and discussed regularly. All themes and topics are "OPTIONAL" with group members choosing to address them (or not) in their own unique ways. Some people sketch and chat, others tackle larger, longer-lasting projects bringing along a multitude of different mediums (excluding oils). It’s entirely up to you.

Sometimes it has been possible for members to organise trips to galleries etc., alongside the Tuesday Art group - Art - Beginners.

If you would like to join us, contact me via email please or contact Buxton u3a.